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US 10/WIS 441 capacity expansion

US10/WIS 441 County CB-Oneida Street Capacity Expansion,
Winnebago County


  • Traffic counts
  • Crash analysis and technical memorandum
  • Signal Design

Lakeside Engineers is supporting traffic engineering functions on the US 10/WIS 441 capacity expansion project.

Project Description

The US 10/WIS 441 Tri-County Freeway is to be reconstructed and expanded. The project scope includes adding mainline capacity, constructing a new parallel bridge over Little Lake Butte des Morts (LLBDM), re-decking and widening the existing eastbound LLBDM bridge, reconstructing the system interchange between US 41 and US 10/WIS 441, reconstructing the interchanges at Racine Street (County P), Midway Road (County AP), Appleton Road (WIS 47), and Oneida Street (US 10), constructing multi-lane roundabouts at ramp terminals, and installing freeway lighting and ITS. The project goals include addressing existing safety concerns and meeting future traffic demands for this critical freeway system.

General Tasks

Organization, completion, and summarization of intersection turning movement counts for the AM and PM peak hours

An analysis of six years of crash data (over 19,000 crashes) for both the freeway and 12 ramp terminal intersections. The analysis includes review of summarized crash data provided by WisDOT, calculation of the crash rates, detailed analysis of crash hot spots, and development of crash diagrams

Design of a traffic signal at 9th Avenue and Racine Street

IH 43/94 Milwaukee County

IH 43/94, Howard Avenue to Valley Bridge,
IH 43/94
Milwaukee County


  • Type 3 & 4 TMPs
  • Exceptions to Standards Report
  • Detour route proposal
  • Detour route plans
  • ITS Design
  • Traffic analysis review
  • Traffic control review
  • Safety Screening Analysis

Project Description

This project includes bridge rehabilitation for 19 bridges on or over IH 43/94 between Howard Avenue and the Valley Bridge.   Bridge deck replacements, bridge painting, and roadway rehabilitation on the collector distributor roadway and freeway ramps from Howard Avenue to Valley Bridge are anticipated. The construction of this project began in 2013 and will continue until 2015 due to the complexity of the lane, ramp, and roadway closures needed to complete this work.

General Tasks

Preparation of two Type 4 Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for the long-term single-lane closures on the freeway

Design of ramp gates for the 10 on-ramps along IH 43/94

Review of traffic control plans, geometric design, crash analysis, stakeholder coordination, traffic management team facilitation, and adjacent project coordination


Southeast Region Freeway System

Southeast Freeways Sequencing and Prioritization Study,
Southeast Region


  • Safety Guidelines Manual
  • MetaManager Data Analysis
  • Crash and Safety Analysis

Project Description
This project includes data collection and analysis for a comprehensive study of the Southeast Freeway system. The study area includes approximately 200 miles of freeway and does not include segments of the system that have been reconstructed recently or segments that are currently being studied or designed. In addition, a deficiency analysis for a representative segment of the Southeast Freeway System with a goal to provide tools and guidance for the WisDOT programming decision process.

General Tasks
Development of a Safety Manual Guidelines Criteria to document the macro-level and micro-level safety analysis to be completed as part of the project.

Macro-level safety analysis for approximately 200 miles of freeway system in the Southeast Region, including a system-wide MetaManager analysis.

Micro-level detailed crash analysis for a selected representative corridor on the freeway system, including incorporation of Highway Safety Manual principles.

IH 794 Lake Interchange feasibility study

IH-794 Lake Interchange Feasibility Study,
Downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee County


  • Feasibility Study
  • Freeway capacity analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Interchange reconfiguration report

Lakeside Engineers completed a feasibility study to examine operations of the Lake Interchange area under existing conditions and for the 2035 design year.

Project Description

This study focused on the traffic operations of IH 794 at the Milwaukee River, west-to–south and south-to-west ramps of the Lake Interchange, the Jackson/ Van Buren eastbound exit ramp, and the Jackson/Clybourn westbound entrance ramp. The facilities were examined for operational performance under three conditions for both the AM and PM peak periods. The three conditions included: (1) existing traffic operations; (2) 2035 forecasted growth with partial development and with Lincoln Memorial Drive (Alternative 1); and, (3) 2035 forecasted growth with full development and without Lincoln Memorial Drive (Alternative 2). Existing traffic conditions on service ramps were determined by intersection traffic counts. Service ramps included in the data collection effort were the Jackson/Van Buren exit ramp, the Lincoln Memorial eastbound exit ramp and westbound entrance ramp, and the Jackson/Clybourn entrance ramp. Existing traffic conditions on IH 794 and the Lake Interchange system ramps were determined by the use of STOC-archived detector data.

Level of Service (LOS) was determined for AM and PM peak periods to assess the operational performance of each facility, using principles and equations for uninterrupted flow from the Highway Capacity Manual 2010

Recommendations for each ramp were included in the final report and additional simulation was recommended where LOS was expected to reach D or E in 2035.