Zoo Interchange Milwaukee County

Zoo Interchange
Milwaukee County

Project Description

The Zoo Freeway is a major north‐south facility in western Milwaukee County, running 13.5 miles from the Hale Interchange in Greenfield to the North Interchange in northwest Milwaukee. At the Hale Interchange, the I 894/US 45/Zoo Freeway meets the I 43/Rock Freeway and the I 894/I 43/Airport Freeway, while at the North Interchange, the US 41/US 45/Zoo Freeway intersects the STH 145/Fond du Lac Freeway. Lakeside Engineers was able to provide support staff for this project by aiding the development of a safe and efficient, modern design that also includes improvements to critical local roadways:

  • Six service interchanges: North Avenue, Watertown Plank Road, Bluemound Road, 84th Street, WIS 100, Greenfield Avenue
  • Major roadways: WIS 100, Watertown Plank Road, Glenview Avenue
  • Reduces the projected construction cost by $600,000 from previous design alternatives
  • Provides efficient movement for existing and future traffic at the Watertown Plank Road interchange
  • Improves safety and efficiency on adjacent roadways including Highway 100, Bluemound Road, Watertown Plank Road and Glenview Avenue/84th Street