IH 43/94 Milwaukee County

IH 43/94, Howard Avenue to Valley Bridge,
IH 43/94
Milwaukee County


  • Type 3 & 4 TMPs
  • Exceptions to Standards Report
  • Detour route proposal
  • Detour route plans
  • ITS Design
  • Traffic analysis review
  • Traffic control review
  • Safety Screening Analysis

Project Description

This project includes bridge rehabilitation for 19 bridges on or over IH 43/94 between Howard Avenue and the Valley Bridge.   Bridge deck replacements, bridge painting, and roadway rehabilitation on the collector distributor roadway and freeway ramps from Howard Avenue to Valley Bridge are anticipated. The construction of this project began in 2013 and will continue until 2015 due to the complexity of the lane, ramp, and roadway closures needed to complete this work.

General Tasks

Preparation of two Type 4 Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for the long-term single-lane closures on the freeway

Design of ramp gates for the 10 on-ramps along IH 43/94

Review of traffic control plans, geometric design, crash analysis, stakeholder coordination, traffic management team facilitation, and adjacent project coordination