IH 794 Lake Interchange feasibility study

IH-794 Lake Interchange Feasibility Study,
Downtown Milwaukee, Milwaukee County


  • Feasibility Study
  • Freeway capacity analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Interchange reconfiguration report

Lakeside Engineers completed a feasibility study to examine operations of the Lake Interchange area under existing conditions and for the 2035 design year.

Project Description

This study focused on the traffic operations of IH 794 at the Milwaukee River, west-to–south and south-to-west ramps of the Lake Interchange, the Jackson/ Van Buren eastbound exit ramp, and the Jackson/Clybourn westbound entrance ramp. The facilities were examined for operational performance under three conditions for both the AM and PM peak periods. The three conditions included: (1) existing traffic operations; (2) 2035 forecasted growth with partial development and with Lincoln Memorial Drive (Alternative 1); and, (3) 2035 forecasted growth with full development and without Lincoln Memorial Drive (Alternative 2). Existing traffic conditions on service ramps were determined by intersection traffic counts. Service ramps included in the data collection effort were the Jackson/Van Buren exit ramp, the Lincoln Memorial eastbound exit ramp and westbound entrance ramp, and the Jackson/Clybourn entrance ramp. Existing traffic conditions on IH 794 and the Lake Interchange system ramps were determined by the use of STOC-archived detector data.

Level of Service (LOS) was determined for AM and PM peak periods to assess the operational performance of each facility, using principles and equations for uninterrupted flow from the Highway Capacity Manual 2010

Recommendations for each ramp were included in the final report and additional simulation was recommended where LOS was expected to reach D or E in 2035.