Southeast Region Freeway System

Southeast Freeways Sequencing and Prioritization Study,
Southeast Region


  • Safety Guidelines Manual
  • MetaManager Data Analysis
  • Crash and Safety Analysis

Project Description
This project includes data collection and analysis for a comprehensive study of the Southeast Freeway system. The study area includes approximately 200 miles of freeway and does not include segments of the system that have been reconstructed recently or segments that are currently being studied or designed. In addition, a deficiency analysis for a representative segment of the Southeast Freeway System with a goal to provide tools and guidance for the WisDOT programming decision process.

General Tasks
Development of a Safety Manual Guidelines Criteria to document the macro-level and micro-level safety analysis to be completed as part of the project.

Macro-level safety analysis for approximately 200 miles of freeway system in the Southeast Region, including a system-wide MetaManager analysis.

Micro-level detailed crash analysis for a selected representative corridor on the freeway system, including incorporation of Highway Safety Manual principles.