WIS 11 Racine County

County C to 71st Street
WIS 11
Racine County

Project Description

Wisconsin Highway 11 is a two-lane roadway with both urban and rural segments passing through the Village of Union Grove. This project includes the rehabilitation and reconstruction of a two-lane highway with both urban and rural sections. The following improvements are proposed to address key deficiencies and to improve safety along the corridor:

  • The current WIS 11 pavement will be pulverized and repaved from County C to Schoen Rd.
  • The remainder of the roadway will be reconstructed from Schoen Rd to 71st.
  • For the rural sections, shoulders will be increased to a 10-foot width, 5-feet of which will be paved to accommodate bicycles, and the size of the ditches will be increased to improve drainage.
  • For the urban sections, curb and gutter will be included on both sides of the highway.
  • The intersection of WIS 11 and US 45 will be reconstructed to increase capacity, and to improve safety, left-turn lanes will be added from WIS 11 to USH 45.

General Tasks

  • Development of a detour plan and a TMP.
  • Development of traffic control and staging plans.
  • Assistance with public outreach.
  • Assistance with general project QA/QC.