WIS 164 Washington County

County Q to WIS 60
WIS 164
Washington County

Project Description

Wisconsin Highway 164 is a two lane rural arterial north-south commercial trucking route. This project, which is located primarily in the Village of Richfield, will address the poor pavement condition, safety, and traffic flow within the project corridor that serves local commuter, farming, and commercial traffic between Waukesha and Hartford. This project involves safety improvements and the rehabilitation of WIS 164 from County Q to WIS 60. Although this project does not involve roadway expansion, extensive public involvement is required due to past roadway projects along the corridor. The following improvements are proposed to address key deficiencies and to improve safety along the corridor:

  • Intersection operational improvements at the Hubertus Road and WIS 164 intersection.
  • Intersection operational improvements at the WIS 167 and WIS 164 intersection.
  • The roadway will be resurfaced from County Q to Cherokee Trail and from Grey Stone Drive to 2,800-feet north of Club Drive.
  • Sight distances will be improved from Cherokee Trail to Grey Stone Drive by reconstruction of the existing roadway to correct vertical alignment deficiencies.

General Tasks

  • Development of a detour plan and a Type 2 TMP.
  • Development of a crash analysis.
  • Development of traffic control and staging plans.
  • Assistance with public outreach.