WIS 20 Racine County

Buena Park Road to WIS 36
WIS 20
Racine County

Picture-(24)_smProject Description

Wisconsin Highway 20 is a heavily used entrance to the Village of Waterford’s downtown area and to the Waterford High School, the Fox River Middle School and the Evergreen Elementary School. The pavement is deteriorating and is in need of resurfacing or replacement. Lakeside is leading the design of a 0.65-mile reconstruction from Main Street to WIS 36. This segment features include a 2-lane portion, an historic church, a cemetery, a war memorial adjacent to WIS 20, and a mid-block trail crossing. The following improvements are proposed to address key deficiencies and to improve safety along the corridor:

  • Improve traffic flow by widening from 2-lanes to 4-lanes from Buena Park Road to the Main Street/First Street intersection.
  • Improve intersection operations with turn lanes and intersection control.
  • Improve sight distance deficiencies.
  • Provide traffic signals at Main Street/First Street (interim project).
  • Improve drainage.
  • Provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.
  • Aesthetic improvements and lighting.

General Tasks

Development of plan and profile sheets, cross sections, pavement marking plan, storm sewer plan, and construction detail plan.

Completion of a noise analysis using Traffic Noise Model (TNM) Version 2.5 and the factor sheets for inclusion in the environmental report.

Assistance with public outreach.