Iowa ETO program administration

Since 2011, Lakeside Engineers has provided support to the Iowa DOT Emergency Traffic Operations (ETO) program. This project has involved providing services to assist Iowa DOT and the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) to identify, coordinate and integrate traffic operations safety and emergency response activities. A key task in the project has been development and delivery of training and table-top exercises to improve the effectiveness of Iowa DOT/DPS emergency transportation operations. Another critically important work element has been integrating traffic operations systems, infrastructure and resources among DOT, DPS and key partners, including the interoperability of communication systems.


Lakeside staff facilitate monthly joint meetings of DOT/DPS senior managers and helped develop a formal DOT/DPS integration plan. Other project work elements have had Lakeside staff advising DOT/DPS on traffic operations-related legislative initiatives, developing and delivering an Incident Command System (ICS) training program for personnel in both agencies, and assisting a joint agency work group to develop and implement a statewide Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) Plan. Successful delivery of all work products requested by Iowa DOT during this on-going project has given Lakeside the unique benefit of current hands-on experience with and insight on Iowa’s statewide and corridor-specific challenges to traffic operations and emergency response.