Wisconsin ETO program administration

Lakeside Engineers is providing on-site Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) support services at the WisDOT, Statewide Traffic Operations Center (STOC) to administer the statewide ETO Program.


General Tasks

Provide professional on-scene support during declared ETO events

Coordinate after-action reviews (AARs), and compile and submit recommendations

Interact and coordinate with Wisconsin Emergency Management, the Wisconsin Homeland Security Council, the Wisconsin Interagency Working Group, the Transportation Infrastructure Security Group, and the Catastrophic Planning and Preparedness Committee

Assist with ETO Oversight Committee monthly meetings and biannual joint peer exchanges

Design and administer ETO training exercises to each WisDOT region during the spring and fall of each year

Ensure that ICS is a key component of the ETO Program and that NIMS-compliant training is provided to its stakeholders

Coordinate with WisDOT regional training coordinators and State Patrol to identify needed training

Monitor other agencies to identify joint exercise opportunities

Manage the archiving of all WisDOT emergency training certifications

Submit a biannual Training and Emergency Exercise Report

Update the WisDOT Multi-Year Training Plan annually

Manage updates to the ETO Plan and ETO Resource documents

Ensure that ETO contact lists, training archives, and training plans are updated

Measure and track ETO response performance

Complete the annual program report, including use of the self-assessment tool

Monitor Federal Homeland Security/FEMA requirements

Assist with system-wide threat and vulnerability assessments