Work zone safety and management

Lakeside Engineers provides support services to the Bureau of Traffic Operations for Work Zone Support.

General Tasks

Lead and coordinate quarterly Work Zone Management meetings, agendas, and minutes

Develop work zone safety and mobility performance measures

Review TMPs to assess and report on anticipated freeway and expressway traveler impacts statewide, including driver delays

Analyze lane closures and freeway work zone delay impacts in order to develop work zone delay forecasts

Update the general lane closure analysis tool for use in planning and development of TMPs

Asses the different types of smart work zone technology and the relevance to the state of Wisconsin


Work zone training materials are being developed for two statewide training programs for construction engineers and design engineers. Additional support is being provided for the WisDOT instructors (i.e. reserving training locations, providing course materials, setting up training facilities, and summarizing the course evaluations). Two additional trainings are also being developed as online update modules. The modules are being created to provide annual updates on policies, FDM procedures, CMM guidance, etc. A third online training modules will also be created for the use of the Wisconsin Lane Closure System providing basic instructions on how to properly use the system. In addition, a training course Work Zone 101 is provided to law enforcement throughout the state.

Statewide Inspection Project

WisDOT work zone inspections are performed for MUTCD compliance, OSHA compliance, and ATSSA quality standards. The project includes completing site visits to work zones throughout Wisconsin, developing reports with site visit findings, and developing performance measures and procedures. Work zone site visits are made to each WisDOT work zone in the state, and deficiencies (if any) on the overall work zone conditions as well as the pedestrian accommodations are reported to the WisDOT regional work zone engineers.

Data Collection

Work zone data collection is being performed to update the FDM procedure on capacity calculation. Data have been collected on over 5 projects, with additional data to be collected in 2014. Reports are provided to WisDOT for incorporation into the new analysis tool being developed by the TOPS Lab. Work zone data collection is also being performed in order to help develop a series of work zone performance measures in order to assess how work zones throughout the state of Wisconsin are functioning.