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At Lakeside Engineers, we work together to meet each challenge that comes our way. No matter how complex or involved each new project is, our versatile 

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county highway design: county ff

August 2015 - December 2016

County Trunk Highway FF is a nearly 4.5-mile rural two-lane highway west of the Village of Rochester in Racine County, Wisconsin. Lakeside Engineers provided design services to the Racine County Department of Public Works for their County FF safety improvement project. Lakeside staff used a practical-based engineering approach, identifying existing geometric deficiencies and reviewing recent crash history to prioritize design decisions. The proposed safety improvements included guardrail upgrades, roadway grading, enhanced pavement markings, and improved signage. Lakeside submitted a full Plan, Specification and Estimate (PS&E) package on an accelerated schedule, including all environmental and design documentation. The project eliminated roadway hazards at a number of locations when it was successfully constructed in 2016. 

Urban Arterial design: wis 57

February 2010 - Ongoing

Lakeside Engineers is providing design services for Wisconsin DOT for a reconditioning project on WIS 57 in Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties. The project is needed to address deteriorating pavement conditions by milling and overlaying a four-lane divided highway segment in Milwaukee County and a two-lane arterial highway segment in Ozaukee County. One unique element of the project design is to replace the existing interchange of WIS 57 at WIS 100 with a traditional at-grade intersection.

Lakeside staff prepared the Programmatic Categorical Exclusion (PCE) environmental document on an accelerated time schedule.  Lakeside also developed Scoping Level and Alternative Selection Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) reports for the interchange-to-at-grade-intersection construction element. Staging alternatives were designed to maintain two traffic lanes in each direction along WIS 100 during construction and to create work areas that allowed large construction equipment adequate access to expedite the construction schedule. Lakeside also prepared a Type 4 Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the project.


May 2011 - Ongoing

 Since 2011, Lakeside Engineers has provided continuous program support to Wisconsin DOT’s statewide Traffic Incident Management Enhancement (TIME) Program. Lakeside personnel have provided on-site TIME support services at the agency’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) in Milwaukee. From this location, Lakeside staff have coordinated incident management planning, training, communication, and post-incident assessment activities between Wisconsin DOT and the entire statewide first responder community (police, fire, EMS), the towing/recovery industry, and other state and local agencies responsible for responding to roadway incidents.

Also since 2011, Lakeside Engineers has supported Wisconsin DOT's statewide Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) program. Lakeside personnel have provided on-site ETO support services at the TMC to facilitate and improve the agency’s capabilities in:  ensuring public mobility and safety during long duration emergencies; agency continuity of operations; interagency coordination and communication; emergency response training; and, emergency response planning.

traffic operations support: iowa dot

May 2012 - Ongoing

Since 2012, Lakeside Engineers has supported Iowa DOT in a wide variety of tasks related to traffic operations and motor carrier enforcement. These activities have included:  developing a statewide Emergency Transportation Operations plan and delivering ETO-related training statewide to agency and local emergency response personnel; assessing the agency’s statewide commercial motor vehicle enforcement operations, technology and infrastructure, and developing related performance metrics reports and a five-year investment and operations plan; performing work zone safety reviews statewide; and, supporting numerous functions at the agency’s statewide TMC. Noteworthy TMC-related support provided by Lakeside has included:  planning the physical relocation of the TMC from the Central Office in Ames to a DOT building in Ankeny; facilitating the procurement of a new video wall; developing training protocols for TMC control room personnel; facilitating operations data integration, management, and performance metrics reporting; and, providing a full-time on-site Systems Manager.  

Urban Arterial Construction Inspection: Wis 120

March 2018 - December 2018

Lakeside Engineers provided on-site construction inspection services for a Wisconsin DOT urban arterial project that reconstructed nearly 1.5 miles of WIS 120 in Walworth County on the north side of the City of Lake Geneva. The project included urbanization of the four-lane divided rural cross-section segment with the addition of storm sewer and curb and gutter, as well as the reconstruction of the two-lane rural segment with profile and shoulder upgrades, and reconstruction of parts of the USH 12 freeway ramps. A new single-span slab bridge was built over a small waterway, and other elements of the project included painting of an overhead freeway bridge, replacement of traffic signals, two new roundabouts at the USH 12 freeway ramp terminals,
and two bio-retention basins

freeway construction inspection: zoo interchange

April 2012 - December 2018

Lakeside Engineers supported the highly complex, multi-year Wisconsin DOT IH 41/94 “Zoo Interchange” reconstruction project from the earliest stages. Specifically, Lakeside personnel provided a variety of services related to roadway, traffic control, retaining wall, and underground infrastructure inspection. Early stages of this DOT “Mega Project” included reconstruction of several arterial roadways surrounding the Zoo Interchange to allow their use as traffic mitigation routes when mainline construction began on IH 41/94. Lakeside staff served as the Ancillary Concrete and Bridge Lead, as well as overseeing traffic control and providing structure inspections. During the arterial reconstruction, the project progressed to include re-developing a service interchange with a major cross-street, as well as reconstructing the bridge over WIS 100 and three railroad bridges and a railroad tunnel, during which Lakeside staff served as Retaining Wall Lead and provided on-site structure inspection services. Phase 1 of the reconstruction project included work on an urban system interchange and six service interchanges. Phase 2 included construction of new mainline roadway for a portion of IH 894/USH 45 and a portion of IH 41/94, as well as construction of auxiliary lanes on a portion of IH 894/USH 45. During both main phases of the project, Lakeside personnel served as Underground Lead, Retaining Wall Lead, Traffic Control Lead, and provided on-site inspection services. 


November 2017 - Ongoing

Lakeside Engineers is a member of a large consultant team that is assisting the Illinois Tollway Authority prepare contract plans and specifications and project-related permits for a complex reconstruction of 3 miles of the eight-lane IH 294 Tri-State Tollway in the Chicago metro area. Specifically, Lakeside staff had responsibility for:  planning for maintenance of traffic during reconstruction; designing pavement markings and signage; planning roadway removals; documenting special provisions; and, developing the concept verification report